◎Jebsee was founded in 1975 in Tainan, main products are satellite TV / cable TV, our management philosophy is as following 

1.Ensure product quality:
Customer first, quality first, the company aims to pursue and provide the best product quality. 1997: Jebsee awarded the ISO 9001 certificate; 2005: ISO 14001 certification; 2006: ISO / TS 16949 certificate; 2007: IECQ QC 080000 certificate.

2.Attention to employee safety and benefits:
Set Public safety department and employee benefits committee, and provide regular health examinations.

3.Care about environmental protection:
Follow international standards of prohibited material to develop green products.

◎Jebsee moved to Anping Industrial district in1987 for production demand, factory covers an area of 4,581 square meters, the company expanded the amount of capital from NTD 10 million to NTD 0,6 billion, the number of employees expanded from 30 to 168 people , product development is more precise, by amplifiers, splitters, indoor antenna extend to AV products, automobile electronic components, cable and satellite TV reception system, quality in line with CE, ErP, FCC, UL certification, nearly 2,000 items of developed products, in order to improve product quality for the added value, also invested NTD$ 55 million to R & D facilities. Jebsee has become an important partner that Europe, America, Japan and other countries cooperate with in Taiwan. 

◎Jebsee awarded German VW Group's A-level evaluation in 2009 and Ford Motor Q1 Certification in 2010, also received suppliers quality recognition from Chrysler NA, VW Group, Ford NA. 

◎In recent years, Jebsee aim at developing higher frequency of 2500MHz satellite components and 1GHz cable products. CATV, video and telecommunication industry will be integrated together in the future. To meet future global demand for major industries, Jebsee electronic is devoted to develop video and communication related products at moment. 

◎Jebsee insist: 
1.Pursuit of stable growth.
2.Strengthen Personnel training.
3.remain leadership of antenna field market.
4.Continue to reduce cost, strengthen competitiveness.
5.Well-prepared for future growth impetus to develop new products based on the implementation of the goals, and create sustainable growth of the company business and profit.